Employer Protection Scheme

Simply the most effective way to protect your business from employment law issues and the unnecessary costs and disruption of employment claims.

Joining the Employer Protection Scheme gives you access to expert employment law advice whenever you need it, without having to worry about the cost. You will speak to a named employment solicitor who works with you on a regular basis, so they get to know your business and its HR needs.

Our scheme gives you access to four key services:

  • Unlimited employment law advice for a fixed annual fee (subject to a fair use policy)
  • Peace of mind employment claims insurance
  • An audit of your employment policies and procedures to check your documentation is compliant
  • Easy to use HR management software

You can read about these services below or get in touch with us to find out more.

Year-long employment law advice for a fixed fee

Early advice from a qualified solicitor can help you avoid or resolve concerns before they turn into legal disputes.

For a fixed annual fee, the Employer Protection Scheme gives you:

  • Answers to your queries through our telephone and email support service
  • Up-to-date employment policies and procedures

When you join the scheme, you have the option of receiving a comprehensive audit of your current employment practices and documentation. This will help us to direct you to the right resources and advice.

In addition, throughout the year you will have access to:

  • Regular free updates on employment law matters
  • Employment and HR management training at a preferential rate
  • High-calibre employment barristers
  • Strategic HR advice from solicitors who know and understand your business

We also offer a banked hours service, which you can use instead of or alongside the Employer Protection Scheme. This helps you to manage the costs of any significant ad hoc enquires or HR projects where you need more extensive employment law advice.

Employment claims insurance

Research shows that businesses are more likely to face an employment dispute than a serious fire or theft. In most cases, the legal cost for such disputes cannot be recovered, even if you are 100% successful in defending the claim.

Protect your business from costly tribunal claims with our recommended employment claims insurance. It is available to members registered for our Employer Protection Scheme even before we have completed their policies and processes audit.

Read more about our employment claims software here or complete our enquiry form below.

An easy-to-use HR management system

Good HR software costs a little and saves a lot. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time your HR staff spend on employee administration, as well as helping you to meet your data protection obligations and to engage with your employees.

Our cloud-based software comes with full technical IT support and user training. It also provides you with the option to give access to your SA Law employment advisers, so we can review and update policies and documents with you as and when needed.

To find out more about our software or to organise a system demonstration, you can read about it here or complete our enquiry form below.

Get in touch

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It costs nothing to make an enquiry and it is entirely confidential. We'll respond to your enquiry to get an insight into your needs and how we can support you.

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We understand that if you are experiencing harassment, . Our experts are on your side and here to help you.

Call us on 01727 798000, send us a message over live chat, or complete the enquiry form below to discuss your options.

It costs nothing to make an enquiry and it is entirely confidential. See our privacy notice to find out how we use and protect your data.

If you would like to contact a specific member of the SA Law team, you can view all team profiles here.

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