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Stephanie Clarke

Family Law Solicitor
Family Law Team


I work with people who are experiencing the many legal difficulties that can arise out of a divorce or separation, particularly disputes over finances and the welfare of children.

I assist with all aspects of relationship breakdown, and have experience in dealing with high value financial settlements, and Children Act cases.

As divorce and separation can be a stressful time, I guide and support you throughout the process, ensuring you understand every step along the way. Where possible, I consider alternative methods of negotiating and agreeing settlements without the need for court proceedings.


  • Qualified in November 2019
  • Member of Resolution


  • Solicitor, SA Law 
  • Trainee Solicitor, SA Law
  • Paralegal, SA Law
  • BPP University, LPC
  • BPP University, GDL
  • Cardiff University, Psychology BSc

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Good coverage in private law children and financial work, so they are able to offer a full service to clients.
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Simran provides answers to FAQs about child arrangement difficulties which may arise because of the national lockdown.

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Tier 4 – Can I still see my children?

Can parents continue to spend time with their children in the usual way at Christmas, if they do not live in the same household whilst in Tier 4?

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Christmas Bubbles and the impact on children of separated parents

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the everyday life of virtually every person in the world. Unfortunately England is no exception.…

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Considerations for moving or selling your home following separation or divorce during the Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic there are even more ambiguities to contend with when selling a home, particularly if you are also separated or divorcing.…

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Child holding hands with parent - SA Law's Dignified Divorcee
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FAQs: Child arrangements during Covid

Answers to key questions about child arrangements during Covid including contact being refused, children visiting parents in different tiers and more.…

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I found SA Law to be very organised and – importantly for me – they were very transparent about the costs, something I found very refreshing from a law…
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