The definition of discrimination has broadened immeasurably over the last ten years, with several different pieces of legislation now governing behaviour in the workplace.

An essential part of our service is ensuring your organisation operates a policy of non-discrimination and can respond quickly if one arises. We can advise you on discrimination relating to:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Race/ethnicity/nationality
  • Religion/belief
  • Sex/marital status/pregnancy/sexual orientation
  • Detrimental treatment on the basis of making a protected disclosure (known as whistleblowing)

Discrimination legislation is constantly evolving as a result of tribunal decisions. Therefore, we keep our clients up to date on all developments as they happen – ensuring you always stay one step ahead and as protected as possible from risk.

In the event that an issue does arise, then we will guide you to the best possible resolution as cost effectively and quickly as possible. If the case reaches an Employment Tribunal, then we provide all the expert assistance you require to present a solid case.

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