Consumer Disputes

Consumer rights have come a long way in the UK, with extensive legislation to protect the purchase of products and services. Talk to SA Law about your rights as a consumer, or your obligations as a product or service provider.

Ever wondered what “your statutory rights are not affected” means when you see it on packaging?
It means that goods sold in the UK must: 

  • Be of a satisfactory quality
  • Be fit for the purpose they were purchased for
  • Match the trader’s description of them at the time they were sold.

Similarly, services must be:

  • Carried out with reasonable skill and care
  • Completed within a reasonable period
  • Completed at a reasonable cost.

SA Law advises on a wide range of consumer disputes every year. We advise providers of goods and services, from large companies to sole traders. We can help them to defend claims, and ensure terms and conditions are correct, lawful and enforceable.

We also help consumers to understand what their rights are, and how to use them to resolve problems with their purchases and represent them throughout the process of pursuing a claim.

How we help you

  • Claims for faulty goods or improperly provided services that cost more than £10,000 are dealt with using normal dispute resolution procedures. This can include litigation but, if the situation is appropriate, we may suggest the use of faster and more cost-effective methods such as mediation.
  • Claims for goods or services that cost less than £10,000 are ‘small claims.’ We can advise you on how to successfully pursue your claim.

It’s good to bear in mind...

  • Consumers have a 14-day period in which they are legally entitled to cancel contracts for goods and services.
  • Consumers also have 30 days to reject goods if they are unhappy with any aspect of them, or they can request to have them repaired or replaced. The 30-day period begins from the day they took delivery or ownership of the goods. This includes digital content.
  • A trader’s standard terms and conditions must be fair, transparent and prominent. If they aren’t, they may not be enforceable.
  • Did you know that if you pay more than £100 but less than £30,000 for goods on your credit card, you can request a refund from your credit card company? Always make higher value purchases using your credit card to obtain this additional protection.
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