In the UK, you can bring a claim against anyone who through an untrue communication, damages your reputation. However the route to achieving a correction, apology or compensation can be challenging. Trust a law firm with specialist expertise in this field.

Defamation occurs when someone says or writes something untrue that damages your reputation, or the reputation of your organisation. It can cause serious damage to individuals and organisations, and can result in public embarrassment and lost revenue.

SA Law’s expertise in this specialised legal field is well known, with experienced defamation lawyers who have acted on highly publicised and reported cases. Our robust, prompt and proactive approach has ensured the best possible outcome for clients that have been the victim of defamation.

The solution starts with containment. We can take immediate steps to prevent the defamation from continuing or spreading, and then pursue the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. A significant amount of defamation occurs online, particularly through social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We will work to ensure that any defamatory stories or posts are removed promptly. 

How we help you

  • Caught early, we may be able to resolve the dispute by securing a correction or apology which will quickly mitigate any damage to your reputation and publicly demonstrate that the statement was untrue.
  • If a correction or apology isn’t possible, we can pursue your claim using more formal routes such as litigation. If the defamatory statement has caused damage, we may also be able to secure damages.

It’s good to bear in mind...

  • Keep detailed records of everything that is said or done that can be considered defamatory. Find out who is likely to have seen it, and secure any evidence to establish that damage has been caused as a result.
  • Bear in mind that you only have 12 months from the date of the defamatory act to bring a claim. However, acting swiftly will give you the greatest chance of resolving the dispute as quickly as possible and mitigate any damage.
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