Resolve disputes without the need for courts and tribunals.

Mediation can resolve disputes quickly, cost-effectively and without the need for lengthy court or tribunal proceedings. Put simply, the guidance of our mediation solicitors can greatly limit the damage that disputes can cause.

For organisations

Mediation is the most effective solution to business disputes. Based in St Albans and London, our mediation solicitors can help you through the mediation process, including representation. We are also able to act as independent mediators between parties in dispute. Our expertise covers contractual disputes, employment disputes, boardroom and shareholder disputes, property and land disputes, and commercial landlord and tenant disputes, to name just a few areas.

For individuals

The mediation solicitors in our Family Department are able to assist with every type of dispute arising from relationship breakdown, particularly issues affecting finances and children.


  • Our qualified mediation solicitors have extensive experience in all types of commercial and private dispute.


  • Be aware that mediation is a form of negotiation, so concessions are expected. Have a clear idea of what you are prepared to yield and what is non-negotiable.
  • In commercial cases, if mediation is dismissed by you or your opponent, the court will take that into account when awarding costs at the end of a case. Sanctions can be severe.
  • The right mediator can have a significant impact on the prospects of reaching a mutually agreed settlement.

Whether we’re representing you or leading the mediation, you can be assured of safe hands.

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