Injunctions, Search Orders and Freezing Orders

Injunctive relief is an emergency application to court to prevent your legal rights from being infringed, freeze assets or preserve property or evidence. To be effective, the application must be filed without delay. SA Law has extensive experience in making and defending these emergency applications for injunctive relief.

Injunctive relief includes a range of measures such as search orders, freezing orders and injunctions to prevent a breach of contract, preserve assets or recover stolen information or property. Injunctive relief can be used to prevent an employee breaching a restrictive covenant in their employment contract, such as contacting customers to offer a competing service. It can also be used to protect confidential information and prevent this being used by a competitor. Injunctions are often used in cases of fraud. In this situation, we can apply for a freezing order that prevents an organisation or individual disposing of money or goods that are the subject of a dispute. We can also apply for a search order to locate, seize and preserve money, goods or evidence.

You can apply for an injunction if the breach of contract or event has already occurred, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that one is about to occur.

How we help you

  • Our team has extensive experience advising organisations and individuals that require injunctive relief as a result of their rights being infringed.
  • We also advise organisations and individuals who are defending applications for injunctive relief.
  • Our experts are highly accessible, and work swiftly to pursue or defend the action, including evenings and weekends if the situation demands it.

It’s good to bear in mind...

  • Speed is essential, whether you are applying for injunctive relief, or if you are defending a claim.
  • Contact us immediately to ensure that the correct approach is taken from the start.
  • Evidence is crucial! Keep good records, including back-ups of emails and other electronic documents. 

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