Legal Advice for the Hospitality & Leisure Sector

Get the full benefit of SA Law’s knowledge and insights about this large and transforming sector.

Hospitality and leisure businesses often need to comply with a broader set of regulations than other sectors, covering diverse issues such as licensing, seasonal employment, hygiene and other laws relating to public safety.

Beyond the legal aspects, SA Law also offers its in-depth understanding of the business of hospitality and leisure itself, and its many unique nuances, challenges and opportunities. We also understand the unprecedented disruption and change your sector is experiencing. Alongside escalating food, labour and property costs, technology is continuing to transform the way customers engage with businesses, such as Airbnb and other digital evolutions that are upending traditional market mechanisms.

Here are some of the ways we can help you, using our cost-effective approach to legal services, and budget certainty.

Business operations

We can support all aspects of the day-to-day running of your business, particularly the all-important contract side of supply chains and operational elements such as IT. Our contracts will minimise risks, and help to promote strong and profitable partnerships.

Commercial property

We support the property needs of a vast range of hospitality and leisure businesses, from single units to large and expanding portfolios. We undertake sales and purchases, and help to negotiate beneficial contracts between landlords and tenants. We also assist with the legal aspects of initiatives such as planning, development, construction, refitting and renovation.


SA Law’s leading employment law team handles the specialised needs of the hospitality and leisure sector, particularly structuring employment contracts, tips and deductions policies, and employee relations – all of which can have a huge impact on staff motivation and incentivisation. We can also help you maintain a flexible workforce without running into employment law compliance issues.

Growth and flexibility

Most hospitality and leisure businesses are looking to grow, with many entrepreneurs setting their sights on final sale and exit. We can maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks of mergers and acquisitions, including supporting you on the legal aspects of raising finance. If your business hits a tough patch, we can also help you implement recovery strategies such as restructuring.


We work with many franchisors and franchisees, and understand the need to protect brand reputation and build strong relationships that protect your interests. We can help you enter and exit franchise agreements in a way that minimises risk and maximises return. And, if required, we have an excellent track record for resolving disputes in a way that preserves the business relationship.

And much more

As a full-service business law firm, SA Law can assist with any requirement you have such as debt recovery, brand protection and exploitation, and data and privacy issues (e.g. compliance with GDPR). We can also help to resolve disputes with suppliers, employees and customers.

How can we help your business in the hospitality or leisure sector?

  • We understand the needs of most types of hospitality and leisure business including bars, restaurants, hotels, theatres, casinos, and sports and fitness clubs to name a few. We also work with many supply-side companies such as food and drink manufacturers, and equipment suppliers.
  • Our experience means we can get up to speed with your business quickly to give you the best advice. We can meet at your premises to learn about your offering and customer base. If appropriate, we can also talk to your suppliers and other advisers to understand the full scope of your operations.
  • The fast pace of the sector means owners and managers are often extremely time-poor. We build our team around your business and its needs so you can field issues quickly for an equally swift resolution.
  • We stay up to date with the sector from the legal perspective so you don’t have to. We also track key sector news to get an informed picture of where the sector is heading, and what you need to do to address its many benefits and challenges.

It’s good to bear in mind

  • Growing a hospitality and leisure business requires a disciplined approach. Overstretching can lead to cash flow and employment pressures that put you at risk if there is an unexpected downturn.
  • Your business relies on its supply chain, so take the time to find the right suppliers to support you, and maintain a close yet protected relationship with them.
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It costs nothing to make an enquiry and it is entirely confidential. See our privacy notice to find out how we use and protect your data.

If you would like to contact a specific member of the SA Law team, you can view all team profiles here.