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Property Dispute Resolution

Resolve disputes relating to commercial and residential property

SA Law’s property dispute resolution solicitors advise clients on the best way to resolve both commercial and residential property disputes. We also offer early advice to prevent problems arising in the first place.

Our expertise covers all situations and angles. We advise those with commercial property interests, such as developers, contractors, financiers, and landlords. We steer them towards the successful resolution of their issues while minimising their risk and maximising the value of their investment.

We also have considerable experience acting for commercial and residential tenants, for whom we implement dispute resolution strategies to achieve their objectives as quickly as possible.

Based in St Albans and London, our property dispute resolution solicitors are members of the Property Litigation Association. We can advise you as a sole agent, or in conjunction with an in-house or external property management team.


  • We advise on all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, including breaches in contract and changes to legislation.
  • We guide our clients through the often complex statutory procedures.
  • We help you to act promptly so that you can take advantage of early-action court remedies.


  • Legal disputes can be a drain on resources. The best approach is to negotiate with the other party as early as possible to find an acceptable outcome.
  • A proactive approach to your dispute gives you the best chance of success. Delay makes success more difficult.
  • Cases are decided on the evidence before that court, which is why preservation of documents and a clear recollection of events are essential.

Property Dispute Resolution Team

Amy Sevier
Amy Sevier
Head of the Property Dispute Resolution Team

Lynsey Newman
Lynsey Newman
Consultant | Property Dispute Resolution Team

Polja Atkins
Polja Atkins
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) | Property Dispute Resolution Team

Photo close up of football table player
Eleanor Grindley
Solicitor | Property Dispute Resolution Team

Photo close up of football table player
Stephanie Clarke
Trainee Solicitor | Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution Team

Lesley Wicks
Lesley Wicks
Legal Secretary | Property Dispute Resolution Team

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