Senior Exits

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Optimising manager and director exit negotiations

The movement of senior employees to and from organisations requires a more considered approach than junior employees. In part, this is because a manager or director exit often causes disruption to an organisation, which can sometimes work in your favour during negotiations. More importantly, the responsibilities and liabilities placed on senior employees require a clear legal position before your departure.

SA Law’s employment experts help to optimise manager and director exit negotiations, particularly in relation to employee benefits such as share schemes, bonuses, short-term incentive plans (STP), long-term incentive plans (LTIP) and pension contributions. We can also negotiate any contractual issues such as restrictive covenants, notice pay and garden leave.

Once we achieve the most favourable position for you, we will negotiate the terms of your settlement agreement, and can assist with any post-exit issues as they arise. We can also help you to negotiate the best possible contract if you are moving to a new organisation.

How we help you

  • If there are any current or potential future issues relating to shareholding or liabilities after your contract terminates, we will help to resolve them.
  • We make sure you are as indemnified as possible for any events that take place either before or after you leave the organisation.

It’s good to bear in mind

  • It’s best to begin negotiations at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent rushed negotiations that could limit your options.
  • Maximise your tax efficiency and pension benefits by seeking professional advice from experts who have experience with the manager and director exit process.
  • Make sure you understand the implications of any restrictive covenants in service or shareholder agreements.

Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

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