Insurance Disputes

Insurance is designed to protect and manage risk but policies need to be chosen and operated with care to avoid problems arising when you least need them.
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Insurance law and regulation both present difficult issues for insurer and insured.
The right legal and regulatory expertise ensures that insurance policy and coverage disputes are resolved quickly and cost-efficiently.

As the fallout from the commercial impact Covid-19 is showing, no two policies are the same and the current rush of claims is causing insurers to examine their policy wordings carefully as well as express concerns about their ability to meet claims. There are well publicised stories of household names rejecting claims and we expect there will be more.

With a real understanding of the disruption and financial strain that businesses are facing, a knowledge of the insurance industry and a wealth of regulatory and dispute resolution experience, SA Law’s specialist lawyers are here to help you and your business with any dispute.

We work with clients to

  • Advise on policy wording and notification procedures
  • Advise on the best form for pursuing a dispute, including the Financial Ombudsman’s Scheme which can provide a quicker, cheaper and fairer process for small businesses and sole traders
  • Help them prepare notices and compile claims
  • Reply to, and challenge, insurers’ responses
  • Represent them in coverage disputes
  • Advise on methods for resolving disputes, from internal complaints procedures through to ombudsman’s schemes and full blown litigation
  • Advise on how disputes can be funded

How we can help you

  • We provide realistic advice and move quickly to deliver it.
  • We have wide-ranging expertise in corporate and commercial matters. Our team understands the challenges that businesses face in crises and gets to the issues quickly so we can develop solutions to resolve them.
  • Our team has a proven track record of achieving settlements and guiding clients throughout the many stages a dispute with an insurer can take. We know when to stand firm and when a more pragmatic approach might be more effective.
We fully understand the disruption and financial strain that businesses are facing during Covid-19. SA Law's knowledge of the insurance industry and wealth of regulatory and dispute resolution experience mean we are ideally placed to resolve insurance policy and coverage disputes quickly and cost-efficiently.