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Employment law for individuals

Employment can be a huge area of risk, that’s why SA Law’s specialist employment solicitors focus on achieving your employment objectives with minimum risk to you.

Our employment solicitors can help you during difficult and challenging times in your working life, including workplace disputes and periods of change.

In doing this, we may conduct the negotiations for exit on your behalf (resulting in a compromise or settlement agreement) or support you through a dispute resolution process aimed at reconciliation.

We also provide robust and sensible employment tribunal or court representation if necessary. Our costs are transparent and we will discuss with you all the funding options available to you on your first contact with us (and before you commit to a full instruction).


  • What are your objectives? That’s our first question and what we focus on throughout. If required, we can also help you to identify them.
  • Not sure where you stand? We can undertake a full health check of your employment contracts and policies to expose undetected areas of risk.
  • We’re always happy to represent insurance-funded clients. Contact us to discuss your situation.


  • Annual assessment of employment contracts and policies greatly reduces employment risk.
  • Addressing potential problems head-on is always easiest and cheapest.
  • Individuals should seek legal expenses insurance before instructing a solicitor.
  • Keep an eye on the activities of departing employees to minimise risk to your venture.
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The Employment Tribunal Process

Click here to download our flowchart and helpful process guide.Time limitsMost claims must be brought to the Employment Tribunal (ET) within 3 months…

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Increase in statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and sick pay

Chris Cook explains the increase in statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and sick pay from April 2018.

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Facing redundancy? Here’s a helpful guide.

The threat of redundancy is unsettling. Employment Solicitor Keely Rushmore outlines what should happen, and what you can do.

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Working whilst on sick leave

After a recent study found that two-fifths of employees who call in sick end up working anyway - Employment Partner Chris Cook discusses balancing reducing…

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Maternity leave - FAQs

Keely Rushmore answers frequently asked questions around maternity pay to allow your pregnancy to be as stress free as possible and also to enable you…

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Discrimination during and after maternity leave

Although it should be a cause for celebration, women often face considerable difficulties in the workplace as a result of their pregnancy. According to…

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Shared Parental Leave: One year on

Publication: HR MagazineWhen Shared Parental Leave (SPL) was first introduced in April 2015 it was hailed by many as a significant step forward in reducing…

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I'm facing redundancy, what should I do?

A redundancy process is undoubtedly an unpleasant thing to go through, understanding your rights can make things significantly easier.

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The team at SA Law LLP has ‘excellent knowledge of employment law’. Practice head Chris Cook is recommended.
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Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful – what happens now?

What lies ahead for employers in regards to the recent Supreme Court's decision that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful?

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