Debt Recovery

Recover debt quickly and cost-effectively

Credit control is as crucial to business as attracting new customers, and SA Law’s dedicated commercial debt recovery department has helped thousands of organisations and individuals to recover what they are owed.

The heart of our service is a fixed-fee Debt Recovery Scheme for uncontested debt that enables you to collect money quickly and cost-effectively. Fixed fees give you full cost control throughout the process, with prices starting at just £20 + VAT. The scheme covers all stages of recovery from pre-action investigation to enforcement.


  • We undertake a proactive approach to debt recovery, but always notify you about costs before they are incurred.
  • We streamline your recovery process and remove much of the administrative burden of pursuing debt.
  • You benefit from a dedicated point of contact who will assess your situation and handle your case throughout.


  • Pursue bad debts quickly. The longer they remain outstanding the lower the chances of you being paid.
  • Make sure your terms and conditions are updated regularly and that all clients/customers receive them.
  • Stop working as soon as it becomes evident that you might not get paid.
  • Credit-check your clients/customers before you start supplying them.

If you would like to be sent more information about SA Law's Debt Recovery Scheme, please get in touch with us by emailing 

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