Family Mediation

Mediation can help both parties in a family breakdown.

Our qualified mediation solicitors have extensive experience in all types of commercial and private dispute. Whether we’re representing you or leading the mediation, you can be assured of safe hands.

Family Mediation and discussion with our family lawyers at SA Law may help you resolve financial matters and reach agreement on the arrangements for the children. One advantage of using a mediation service is that it can help your marriage end amicably. This means you end the relationship with less bitterness, less conflict and more agreement over marital assets, your future and that of your children.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator will act as a third party in your discussions with your partner. Their role is to: 

  • Help you identify important issues
  • Help you to gather information
  • Help you identify the choices open to you
  • Help you negotiate together and reach acceptable decisions
  • Help you act in the best interest of your children and discuss things with them

Is a mediator the same as a lawyer?

Not necessarily. At SA Law our Mediators are qualified Solicitors but would only be helping you in one or the other capacity. Mediators and a family mediation service can help you reach decisions and exchange ideas and information. Mediators cannot impose a settlement or advise you on the best course of action. They will try to help you reach an agreement. As mediators do not give legal advise it is necessary to take independent legal advice throughout the process. SA Law can help in respect of family law and all aspects of divorce or relationship breakdown.

From 6th April 2011 if you want to issue an application to the Court in relation to Children, or for financial matters, it is necessary to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting. Details are set out in the Family Court Guide to Family Applications and Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings.

Divorce & Alternatives to Court Proceedings

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Be aware that mediation is a form of negotiation, so concessions are expected. Have a clear idea of what you are prepared to yield and what is non-negotiable.

In commercial cases, if mediation is dismissed by you or your opponent, the court will take that into account when awarding costs at the end of a case. Sanctions can be severe.

The right mediator can have a significant impact on the prospects of reaching a mutually agreed settlement.

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Family Mediation case study


Acting as a mediator for a divorcing couple where there were significant debts and the only asset was the former matrimonial home. The difficulty was trying to house both parties with suitable accommodation for them to share the care of the children.


The matter was finally resolved using a complex remortgaging structure on the matrimonial home, which had to be protected by insurance, and dealt with numerous eventualities that might occur over the next 25 years of the life of the mortgage.

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