Mergers, acquisitions and disposals

Expert mergers and acquisitions advice for your business growth plans

Mergers and acquisitions can be effective ways to grow your organisation, allowing you to integrate the resources of another to grow your own. Nevertheless, the size and nature of these transactions can pose a number of risks to all parties.

Purchasers need to be certain they get exactly what they pay for. This can require extensive due diligence to understand the history and operations of the target organisation. Equally, sellers want to optimise the financial position of the organisation prior to sale.

The transfer of business ownership, whether a transfer of the shares or the assets touches on other aspects of law that must be addressed and so we work closely with our colleagues, mainly in the property and employment teams in an effort to address any issues that may come back at a later date. There may also be specific expectations of the seller that need to be aired and agreed.

SA Law’s dedicated corporate team provides mergers and acquisitions advice to large and small companies, with clients recommending our responsive, commercial and pragmatic service.


  • Every transaction is unique, which is why our advice is always tailor-made for the situation. Based on a clear understanding of all parties involved, we help you to achieve your commercial objectives swiftly and smoothly.
  • Our experience means that we can often add a great deal of value to the transaction, optimising your commercial profitability and minimising any potential risks – both now and in the future.
  • We are also experienced at working with and managing a wide range of intermediaries, with whom we establish clear lines of communication that keep you up to date on progress at all times.


  • Be prepared: this type of transaction can be time consuming but ultimately very rewarding.
  • Be organised: sellers need to provide buyers with detailed information about the business, so make sure your records and business information are up to date.
  • Be excited: never lose sight of the reason why you’re involved in the process. You may be faced with some tough decisions, but we can help you take the best course of action.
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