Management buyouts

Achieve a smooth and profitable transaction with specialist MBO advice

Management buyouts (MBOs) present a huge range of strategic opportunities, from raising entrepreneurial capital to providing a profitable exit strategy for a retiring business owner.

In most cases, the directors involved will be familiar with the business they are buying/selling, which can greatly simplify the legal process in comparison to a merger or acquisition. Nevertheless, there are pitfalls that can be avoided with specialist guidance, particularly through a solid transaction contract that represents the aspirations and concerns of everyone involved.

SA Law’s Corporate team provides MBO advice to both business owners and buyers. We work as swiftly as possible to achieve the desired commercial objectives, with a clear focus on minimising risk and maximising profitability.


  • With a clear understanding of the nature and history of your organisation, and an exploration of potential future outcomes, our MBO advice will guide you towards the best transaction structure and process.
  • We can also help you to manage the transaction in a way that ensures a swift and smooth transfer of ownership, liaising with all parties involved including other specialist advisors and finance providers.


  • Tax implications are a key consideration of MBO advice, and form part of the planning process in coming to understand your organisation’s unique position.
  • When acting for the seller, we ensure the management team understands what is expected of them in return for releasing part or complete control of the business.
  • Appointing us as soon as a potential management buyout is discussed can have a huge impact on its success. Over a period of months and even years, we can help you make decisions that strengthen your ultimate commercial objectives.

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