Reality check: New duty of care regulations set to change face of reality TV

Tracy Lacey-Smith speaks exclusively to about the new duty of care rules for reality TV, and how they could change the face of reality TV including shows such as Love Island.
Mon 5th Aug 2019

Media regulator Ofcom has proposed new rules that would make broadcasters responsible for the “wellbeing and dignity” of reality television participants.

There has been a “steady rise in complaints” from people concerned about the welfare of contestants of reality TV shows, particularly following several high drama moments over the most recent 2019 series of Love Island.

How will reality TV show companies, including the makers of Love Island, be affected by the new laws/ regulations?

SA Law Litigation Partner Tracy Lacey-Smith explores how companies involved in reality TV will have to change the way they operate to ensure they are looking after participants and staying compliant with the new rules in an exclusive interview with the Daily Express.

“The two new rules that are coming in are putting the obligation on broadcasters - and therefore tv production companies - to demonstrate due care over the welfare, wellbeing, and dignity of participants.” Says Tracy Lacey-Smith.

Read the full interview and comments featured in the Daily Express here.