Introducing The Reluctant Divorcee

An honest account of the realities faced at every stage of the divorce process.
Mon 9th Jan 2017

“My gut says it’s all over but my heart doesn’t want to admit that everything has changed…” 

At the start of a new year, I am conscious that a number of people will be contemplating whether to initiate divorce proceedings or not. I am unable to answer that very personal question for you but I can share that I’ve found that there is no such thing as a typical divorce. Everyone’s situation is different and everyone experiencing a relationship breakdown needs to confront the changes to their life that it inevitably brings and surmount the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany them.

During my many years in family law and as head of the Family Department at SA Law, I have guided many individuals, and their families, through the decisions and process needed to separate and ultimately to divorce. Seeking a non-adversarial approach to resolving differences is important as I am here to solve problems not make them, as is my ability to discover innovative solutions to often complex issues. However, where a negotiated solution can’t be found my team and I are a formidable force in Court and will fight for our client’s best interests each and every time.

To illustrate how we help and to answer some of the most challenging questions that I am asked on a regular basis, my team and I have created Dr Rebecca Green, a reluctant divorcee. The Reluctant Divorcee is a fictional blog site where Rebecca shares her personal journey through divorce. This is not a situation that she wishes to find herself in, particularly with two young children, however, now she is at this crossroads she feels that she has no choice. The interesting thing about Rebecca, however, is her desire to do the “right thing” - she is determined to protect her family and secure financial freedom but she is not disposed towards unreasonable demands.

Visit to read the honest account of Rebecca's experience of divorce and follow her journey from admitting her marriage is over to initial discussions with legal experts. You can also follow the story via Twitter by searching for the hashtag #ReluctantDivorcee

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Introducing The Dignified Divorcee

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