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Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions

Helping you to improve the value of your property

SA Law’s lease extension solicitors have helped thousands of leaseholders to extend their lease or change the terms it sets out. In doing so, our clients have been able to increase the value of their property and improve its saleability.

We also help flat owners to purchase their building’s freehold through a process known as collective enfranchisement. Once achieved, they are then free to grant themselves appropriate lease extensions and even change the terms of their lease.

The law applying to leaseholds can often lead to complex situations and requirements, but our specialist lease extension solicitors will help you to address challenges and take full advantage of opportunities.

If a dispute should arise over aspects such as the value of the lease or its terms, we can help you to resolve it as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Based in St Albans and London, SA Law’s lease extension solicitors are members of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP), which means you can be confident of receiving the highest level of service.


  • We can help you to identify your objectives. For example, do you need a quick result in order to sell, or are you simply keen to preserve the value of the property for the future?
  • Our expertise allows us to examine all angles and find the best way to achieve your objectives.


  • If you want control of the management of your building, exercising a Right to Manage could be much cheaper and quicker than collective enfranchisement.
  • With enfranchisement it pays to co-operate with your neighbours, particularly in saving money by employing the same lawyer and surveyor.
  • Enfranchisement valuation is a specialist field, so choose a surveyor with appropriate expertise. ALEP is a useful reference source.
  • Lease extension can take many months to complete, so bear this in mind when planning for the future.
  • If your lease has less than 80 years left then the cost of extending it rises significantly. This is because the landlord is entitled to claim an extra payment called ‘marriage value’.

Enfranchisement and Lease Extensions Team
SA Law Gary Dunger
Gary Dunger
Partner | Real Estate Team

Amy Sevier
Amy Sevier
Head of the Property Dispute Resolution Team

Glenda Ferneyhough
Glenda Ferneyhough
Consultant | Real Estate Team

Lynsey Newman
Lynsey Newman
Consultant | Property Dispute Resolution Team

Polja Atkins
Polja Atkins
Associate of the Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) | Property Dispute Resolution Team

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Eleanor Grindley
Solicitor | Property Dispute Resolution Team

Sue Turner
Sue Turner
Legal Secretary | Real Estate Team

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