Intellectual Property

Protect your business identity and ideas

Modern commercial ventures rely on the effective use of intellectual property, media and technology. This is as true for an established international organisation as it is for an emerging business, sports person or artist.

SA Law’s intellectual property solicitors help a wide range of commercial entities to protect the identity and ideas that deliver their competitive advantage. We can help you to define what differentiates your venture within the market, and ensure that all appropriate legal safeguards are in place.

Our intellectual property solicitors are also experienced at enforcing your rights through all methods of alternative dispute resolution and, when necessary, through the courts.


  • Intellectual property is a highly specialised field of law, but our practical advice enables you to manage and protect your intellectual property rights.


  • The best policy is to proactively ‘police’ your intellectual property. Monitor your market/sector to check for infringement.
  • As soon as you become aware of infringement, take steps to protect it as quickly as possible.

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