Fixed-fee debt recovery scheme

Our debt recovery service helps you to recover money quickly and efficiently, with full control over legal costs.

SA Law’s fixed-fee service is highly cost-effective, yet still enables us to apply our personalised approach to legal support. Our objective is to undertake the necessary actions to recover your money as quickly as possible and respond swiftly to developments as they happen.

Fees and disbursements

The costs for this service are best described in the context of a four-stage, debt-recovery journey. We also provide details of any disbursements you need to pay which are the additional fees payable to third parties such as court fees.

Please bear in mind that our fixed-fee service is specifically for recovering money owed to organisations from other commercial organisations registered or situated in the UK, where there is no dispute over the money that is owed.

For information about debt recovery actions involving individuals and foreign organisations and disputed UK-based debts, please contact SA Law directly as both of these situations fall outside our fixed-fee offering. Call our St Albans office on 01727 798000, or our London office on 020 7183 5683 for a tailored quote.

Debt Recovery Scheme Stage 1 – Pre-Action

Once we understand the value and circumstances of the debt, we can identify the financial viability of pursuing it. This ensures you aren’t throwing ‘good money after bad’ if the unrecoverable cost of pursuing the debt will be greater than the debt itself. To do this we will carry out a brief review of the debt and an investigation into the debtor that owes you money.

This can include:

  • A Companies House search to understand more about the debtor’s directors and shareholders.
  • A Land Registry search to understand what assets they own in England and Wales.
  • Credit checks and a ‘track and trace’ service to determine if they are able to pay the debt.

The next step is to send a ‘letter before action’ to the debtor on your behalf. This is a formal letter that observes court rules and imposes a fixed deadline for payment. The letter is a legal requirement before court proceedings can be started as it gives the non-payer time to settle the outstanding sum.

The fees and disbursements for this stage are as follows.

Fees and disbursements

Cost (excluding VAT)

SA Law fee


Basic Companies House search


Detailed Companies House search


Credit check


Insolvency Service search


Land Registry search


Track and trace – we instruct an agent to make enquiries about the debtor and their financial circumstances.

£20 - £150 plus SA Law fee of £40