Digital Disruption: 6 ways to introduce disruptive technology into your business

Shaking up your market with disruptive technology can in turn disrupt your own small business. Chris Cook and Vincent Billings offer six ways to ease the transition.
Thu 8th Aug 2019

Chris & Vincent share their 6 tips for disruptive technology with – Read the full article by clicking here.

It would be a mistake to think that SMEs, in any sector, would not be impacted by digital disruption. Not keeping an eye on disruptive changes can quickly lead to lagging behind and coming second to competition.

SMEs are very adaptable to changes in their market and can react quickly to new technology. However, in order for established SMEs to become digital disruptors themselves (which is not easy), they need to look at how a new technology will bring ease, simplicity and certainty to the market they operate in.

SA Law Employment Partner Chris Cook & Corporate Partner Vincent Billings share their tips on how SMEs can take more control of their supply chain to be innovative, and the collaborations they can embark on, how to bring your employees along on the journey with you; and of course the legalities you need to be aware of when 'disrupting'.

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