Wills & Probate

SA Law’s wills and probate solicitors help individuals with all aspects of ‘estate planning’ to ensure their wealth and welfare are protected at all times.

We can help you to prepare a will that reflects your wishes, and ensures that loved ones never have to face costly financial challenges. Our Inheritance Tax experts can also reduce the liability of your estate so that your family benefits from the maximum value possible.

We can advise you on a Lasting Power of Attorney, which is a valuable document that allows someone to make decisions if you lose your ability to do so. We can also advise on the affairs of relatives who are unable to make their own decisions.

The grief of losing a loved one is difficult enough to face without the added pressure of administrative formalities. Our solicitors can assist throughout these difficult times, administrating estates in a sensitive and efficient manner.

How we help you

  • ‘One size fits all’ legal advice doesn’t exist. That’s why we offer sensible, straightforward guidance based on your specific circumstances.
  • SA Law is one of only a handful of law firms to specialise in advising the elderly. Our wills, trusts and probate solicitors are members of Solicitors for the Elderly. Link to www.solicitorsfortheelderly.com

It’s good to bear in mind

  • If you die without a will then the law dictates how your assets are distributed. Talk to us to find out what that means in your particular circumstances.
  • Early tax planning allows you to capitalise on financial benefits for your family.
  • The person appointed in your Lasting Power of Attorney should be someone you trust completely. They will be able to make a wide range of decisions on your behalf if you lose your capacity to do so.
  • Review your will on a regular basis (at least once a year) to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. Is everyone you wish to make provisions for included?
How can we help?

We're here to help you. Contact us for expert assistance from a solicitor with writing or changing a Will, trusts and probate matters.

Use our handy contact form to send your enquiry to Catherine Robson, SA Law's expert Wills Trust & Probate Solicitor.

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