Will Disputes & Contentious Probate

Contentious Probate: Helping to resolve disputes about Wills and Estates swiftly and sympathetically

We understand that being faced with a will dispute when you are grieving the loss of a loved one is stressful and overwhelming.

Talking to a contentious probate solicitor with specialist knowledge in this area can make all the difference. We provide a comprehensive service to both relatives of the deceased and to personal representatives, helping them to raise valid claims and defend claims that are unreasonable.

We will aim to resolve your dispute as cost effectively as possible and can handle all communications and negotiations between the parties to resolve the dispute.

Common will dispute issues:

  • You feel you have been left out of a will unfairly
  • You feel there is something strange about a will or you are concerned that a will may not be valid because the testator was not of sound mind or was put under pressure to sign
  • The deceased died without leaving a will and you have received little or nothing from the estate
  • The executors are delaying the administration of the estate
  • The wording of a clause in the will is unclear and is causing confusion

Please click here to view our FAQs about different sorts of will dispute.

How our contentious probate solicitors can help you resolve disputes related to wills, probate and inheritance claims

  • We are experienced at working with complex family relationships, particularly where the deceased remarried and had children and stepchildren from these relationships.
  • We favour mediation as a cost-effective route to resolve a will dispute, rather than opting for court proceeding straight away. Mediation has the benefit of tending to be cheaper, quicker and less stressful than litigation. Mediation also gives family members an excellent opportunity to discuss and resolve any longstanding grievances.
  • We may be able to offer a range of funding options for your claim. One of your existing insurance policies or credit cards may even include legal expenses cover for resolving problems relating to wills.

It’s good to bear in mind...

  • There is a six-month time limit for bringing certain probate claims, so contact us as soon as possible if you are concerned or upset about a situation.
  • In the UK, ‘probate’ is the legal authority by which someone can divide up a deceased’s assets according to their will or under the intestacy rules (which apply where there is a no valid will). Once probate has been granted, both the grant and the will become public documents that can be obtained for a small fee.
  • You can also find out whether the deceased left a will by contacting the Probate Registry, which can carry out a search.
  • If you feel there is something strange about the will or have concerns about whether a will is valid, you can enter a ‘caveat’ for a court fee of £20. This prevents someone else from obtaining a grant of probate without you first being given the chance to object.

What our clients say

“Commentators highlight Clare Mackay for her precision and efficiency as a litigator. She….is also described as a "very dependable pair of hands" for work involving individual clients”Chambers & Partners 

“Clare’s professionalism has been outstanding, but more importantly her compassion, kindness and understanding of my situation goes far beyond that. She has been very sympathetic throughout and worked extremely hard to get the best possible outcome for me and I am glad that it was her who was dealing with my case” - Mrs N

“Having spoken briefly to Clare Mackay, I knew she was the only person to deal with my father’s estate issues, none of which were straightforward. My intricate case is now fully resolved and I know that is in no small part down to Clare’s patience, serenity and of course legal prowess”Ms S

"Clare managed to give me this great confidence and trust that really brought closure to my case" - Chambers & Partners

Speaking on behalf of us all, we can’t thank you enough for your brilliance in steering us through this and coming to todays conclusion. It’s a huge relief to us for it all to be over and we thank you so much, for your understanding and hard work. We are ever thankful to have found you" - Ms H

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