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Your child’s education is of paramount importance to you. We recognise that any problems with your child’s school or arising from school admissions are very emotional and we deal with all such matters sensitively.

We help parents and students with a range of matters including school admission, academic issues and university appeals. Our team of dedicated solicitors can assist you with:

School Admission Appeals

We are able to offer legal advise for primary school appeals and secondary school appeals (including in-year appeals for parents new to the area or wishing for their child to move schools).

Visit our dedicated School Admission Appeals page to download your free copy.

Exclusion Appeals

We also advise parents on the appeal process that applies where your child has been excluded from his or her current school, whether this be in the state sector (including academies) or the independent sector. We can also provide advice on any allegations of discrimination that may arise.

Fee Recovery

If your child attends a fee paying school, we can advise you on defending a demand for unpaid school fees made by the school. We can also advise you upon the impact of separation and divorce on liability for school fees.


If you are unhappy about your child’s school, we can assist you with making a formal complaint in accordance with the school’s complaints policy. We can also advise you on possible additional avenues of redress should a formal complaint not resolve matters to your satisfaction. This includes failure to deal with allegations of bullying, and safeguarding issues and concerns regarding meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and claims for educational negligence.

Employment issues

We also assist people working in the sector with issues relating to their career and personal circumstances.

Download your free guide to school admission appeals

The school admissions appeal process is complicated. Making an appeal for your child's primary or secondary school place is an emotional and potentially confusing experience.

SA Law’s free, practical guide highlights the pitfalls and provides hints and tips to walk you through the process of making an admissions appeal for schools in Hertfordshire and beyond. 

Click here to find out more and download your free school admission appeal guide.

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