What HR needs to know about rolling out 'family-friendly' policies

Employment partner, Beth Leng, features on HR Grapevine podcast

In a recent episode of the HR Grapevine podcast, Sophie Parrott, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, and, Editor of myGrapevine discuss family-friendly policies in the workplace. The pair talk about several firms that have rolled out policies like this and how this support could positively impact employers if they offer ‘family-friendly’ schemes.

In the episode, SA Law's Employment partner, Beth Leng, is quoted at 9 min 25 seconds, sharing the following commentary “The progress of gender equality is directly proportional to the amount of available childcare. The loss of childcare during lockdown undoubtedly had a disproportionate and negative impact on women. However, to make progress, childcare needs to stop being seen as a women’s issue. Supporting all working parents and carers to secure childcare is good for business, good for families and good for the cause of equality as a whole.”

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