Should employers modify dress codes during a heatwave?

Partner & Director of Finance & Business Support at SA Law, Gill Garrett, comments in The Times on dress codes during heatwaves.

Should hot weather impact the way employees dress for work?

"Some readers might remember the excitement when “dress down Fridays” first arrived in London law firms in the wake of west coast tech coolness. But “wear what you like” quickly converted into business casual, sartorial correctness set in and one uniform replaced another. Now you don’t even have to describe it as dress down — It’s just ‘Friday’,” A City Lawyer was reported to comment recently. 

In the midst of summer heatwaves, does every day become a 'Friday'? 

Gill Garrett, Partner and Director of finance and business support comments in this piece by Edward Fennell for The Times on seasonal dress codes for men and for women, sensitivities around possible sexist comments and who decides the dress codes in law firms and barrister chambers. 

Click to read the full article in The Times here, please bear in mind there is a paywall.


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