On demand webinar: enforcing restrictive covenants to protect your business

Catch up on episode 3 of SA Law’s series on restrictive covenants, where we look at the options to enforce restrictive covenants and what’s involved from a commercial and legal perspective

What should you do if you believe a former shareholder or employee is competing with you business or using its information for their own gain?

Learn how restrictive covenants are enforced and how to increase your chances of success in the final episode of our restrictive covenants webinars.

Commercial litigation partner Simon Walsh was joined by guest speaker Helen Pugh, Barrister at Outer Temple Chambers, to discuss how to stop breach and recover losses.

Using practical examples, Simon and Helen answered key questions such as:

  • What can I do if a shareholder or employee intends to compete?
  • How do I prove a breach has occurred?
  • How much will it cost to take legal action?
  • How long will the process take?
  • What are the chances of settling out of court?

This on demand webinar will be of interest to owners, shareholders, managing directors, finance directors, HR directors and in-house counsel from businesses of any size and sector.

As always, SA Law’s friendly and informal webinars arm you with essential legal information that brings value to your business, while minimising your exposure to risk.

Watch the webinar recording on demand now by clicking here or watching the video below.