Why parental leave policies should be used to attract the best candidates

Christine Caffrey talks to Personnel Today about parental leave policies
Mon 21st Feb 2022

Personnel Today, has published an article written by SA Law's employment solicitor, Christine Caffrey, about how upgrading parental leave policies will help companies attract the best candidates.

Referring to recent research commissioned by Vodafone, Christine writes, 'one in five of 18-34 year olds has quit their job because of poor parental leave policies, with a further 25% saying they decided not to apply for a particular role because they thought the employer’s parental leave policies were inadequate.'

Christine then goes on to explain, 'this considerable shortfall can place a huge financial pressure on new parents in circumstances where their existing financial commitments (for example, mortgage payments) remain unchanged.'

Read the full piece on Personnel Today by clicking here.


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