Divorce and Financial Settlement for Avid Art Collectors

Our client’s situation

Julie’s client was a recent emigre from the Ukraine, moving to the UK with his family. He wished to obtain a divorce in the UK not long after his move to the UK. It was a relatively long marriage and the couple had two children together.

Being recent arrivals in the UK the family did not have any property or major assets. They did, however, own a large collection of modern art, the division of which was the main issue in resolving the dispute.

Whilst the art collection did not hold a significant monetary value, our client was nonetheless very passionate about the appropriate division of this sentimental asset.

How we helped our client

The parties were able to come to agreement on the majority of typically-contested issues. Following Julie’s advice, the client took a reasonable stance with regard to most of the financial issues and on the issue of the arrangements for the parties’ children, which was reciprocated by his wife.

However, the art collection proved to be a difficult sticking point for both parties. As a Russian-speaking family solicitor, Julie was able to take instructions from the client in his native Russian language. As such she gained an understanding of the true significance of the collection for both parties and was able to negotiate a solution that was agreeable to both. Julie was finally able to reach a compromise following many months of intractable disagreement, saving the client substantial legal costs and the stress of contested and lengthy court proceedings.

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