Co-op shop floor workers win equal pay row

Reward Strategy has published an article featuring comments from Beth Leng
Thu 3rd Feb 2022

Reward Strategy has published a online article about shop floor workers at Co-op having successfully won a legal argument over securing equal pay.

Beth Leng, was invited to comment on the case. Reward Strategy wrote: 'Beth Leng, partner in the employment team at SA Law, warned that this incident underlines the importance of employers having robust and “carefully risk assessed remuneration practices and policies”.

Beth continues to say “Employers and their HR teams should be proactive – taking a sensible and pragmatic approach will help avoid similar action – which can have an adverse effect on its reputation and commercial opportunities. Look at diversity data across different positions and teams using a wide lens. If terms and conditions appear to be unfair on the face of it, change them before complaints are made.”'

Read the full article on Reward Strategy here.


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