A note from Eddie Panting, Head of Rugby

Mon 19th Jun 2017

The Beaumont 1st XV are delighted to be touring Toronto. It has long been my ambition to take the school team on an overseas tour and am really excited that it has finally arrived. Rugby at Beaumont has grown over the past 13 years from 5 sides playing a total of 25 matches a season to 11 sides playing over 70 matches a season, and now including three girls teams. With this growth there are now over 150 regular rugby players many of whom have been introduced to the sport at Beaumont; in recent years several of these players have gone on to represent Hertfordshire County, the South East region and England squads. A key part of this success has been the use of senior players, many of who are on this tour, giving back to the club by coaching the younger age groups and providing them with positive role models.

I would like to extend my thanks to Streestville School for hosting the squad, and Nomads and Oakville rugby clubs for what we hope will be competitive and enjoyable matches. If our experience of hosting Canadian sides the last two years is anything to go by we can look forward to a very good time and the creation lasting friendships in the best traditions of rugby.

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