HR Forum Webinar: How to lay the foundations of a great culture

Presented by SA Law's Employment Solicitors + guest speaker Culture Chameleon

Our much-loved HR Forum events are back!

We are delighted to be joined by excellent guest speaker, Laura Lewis from Culture Chameleon. 

Join us live at 10am on 18th October 2023 via Zoom to explore how to lay the foundations of a great workplace culture and find out about the latest legal developments affecting employers and employees. 

During this HR Forum webinar session we’ll look at how to lay the foundations of a great culture, including:

  • Culture as a business gamechanger
  • HR’s role as an influencer of culture
  • The power of writing down a cultural recipe
  • Common pitfalls to avoid. 

We will also provide an update on recent developments in employment law and forthcoming changes that you need to be aware of.

This webinar will be of interest to HR Professionals, but is also relevant to those who have a responsibility and interest in recruitment, wellbeing, and people management.

Owners, shareholders, managing directors, finance directors would find the session eye-opening too. 

By attending you will gain the ability to:

  • Understand the steps you can take to elevate or establish a great culture in the workplace
  • Hear about the latest developments and trends in employment law 
  • Effectively manage the behaviours of others to protect and support positive culture. 

As always, SA Law’s friendly and informal webinars arm you with essential legal information that brings value to your business, whilst building your network.

Click here to book your free place now. 

Meet our guest speaker, Laura Lewis

Laura founded Culture Chameleon in 2019. She’d worked in corporate HR since 2002 and been running her own HR Consultancy since 2015. So, she’d seen first-hand the measurable impact that a strong, fully embedded culture has on making work great and, as a result, making great work.

She loved seeing how, by taking culture beyond the cliched office ping pong table and beanbags and working with clients from the bottom up – helping them to define their Values, Vision and Purpose and then weaving these through every moment that matters to their employees – engagement and productivity levels soared. And in turn, so did the business’ bottom line. Happy employee, happy customer.

By practicing what they preach, Culture Chameleon’s now a growing team of Workplace Culture, Employee Experience and Employee Engagement experts.

Click here to join the webinar that starts at 10am on 18th October 2023.

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