Vital GDPR considerations when acquiring a company

Alasdair explains why it is vital for both parties to keep personal data secure during an acquiring a company

Alasdair Bleakley, Partner in the Commercial and Corporate Team at SA Law, discusses the rules and regulations around GDPR that companies need to be aware of when acquiring a business or during an acquisition.

Alasdair’s comments in Acquisitions Daily about the rule and regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation, warning signs to look out for and what to do if you find a potential acquisition only to discover it has a non-existent data protection policy.

Whilst the GDPR is an important hurdle in corporate transactions; putting in place a sound methodology and framework for compliance will certainly help to ensure compliance while meeting business needs.

Read more about Alasdair’s key information relating to the GDPR and acquisitions including keeping personal data secure, consent and anonymising data.

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