Travel Insurance: British medical assistance dispute heats up in Spain

Confusion over the type of emergency medical assistance British holidaymakers are entitled to on their insurance is creating problems in Spain.
Fri 2nd Aug 2019

This summer, hundreds of British holidaymakers travelling to Spain are at serious risk of harm because of the ‘possible fraudulent practices’ of some British insurers.

A group of Spanish private hospitals have accessed some insurers of misleading customers by selling cover with emergency medical assistance but not making it clear that policyholders were entitled to treatment only at state-run clinics and under EU rules, British visitors can already be treated without charge at state-run clinics.

Partner and Joint Head of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution team, Tracy Lacey-Smith explains the news story and what people who have purchased this insurance can do, tips of what to look out for in terms of dodgy holiday insurance and an explanation about how to make a claim.

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