The weirdest things couples fight over in court during divorce

Marilyn Bell comments in The Telegraph on what divorcing couples fight over and how to avoid their mistakes.

Divorcing couples can divide multi-million-pound assets with ease, only to come to blows over a particular ornament, their cherished pet or a household item. Marilyn Bell comments on possessions that divorcing couples spar over in court and how to avoid lengthy battles over who keeps the expensive whiskey. 

Celebrity couples who are divorcing and making headlines from acrimonious fights over assets, but a recent article in The Telegraph proves that it's not just celebrity couples that get caught up in wars over possessions during divorce proceedings, and it's not always just the big ticket expensive items to lead to problems. 

"In an acrimonious divorce nothing is off limits. Couples will fight over the contents of every drawer and cupboard in their home" Comments Marilyn Bell, Partner & Head of Family Law.

"In some extreme instances where the couple can't agree on anything, their lawyers will go to the marital home and do a full inventory of all personal property. 

I have seen clothing and accessories hidden around the house in an attempt to conceal them from their other half. There have even been disputes over the contents of the alcohol cupboard, which bottle contains more, and who should have it."

Divorcing couples should try to remember that keeping a level-head and thinking about the bigger, long-term picture and reaching financial settlement is paramount. Otherwise it becomes a war over items that are not as important to them as their future financial security and child arrangements. 

Read the full article "Toilet seats and golf clubs: The weirdest things divorcing couples spar over in court" published by The Telegraph.


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