The impact of Brexit on Britain's independent legal system

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner, Simon Walsh gives his insight into how Brexit will impact on Britain’s independent legal system.

Before Brexit Day, 31st January 2020, Lord Pannick QC warned that Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill would see the PM take control of a “fundamental aspect” of Britain’s independent legal system which would damage the integrity of the court. Now that the Brexit Bill has passed SA Law Partner, Simon Walsh examines the impact of Brexit on the British Legal System.

He states how although the UK has now officially left the EU and there has been no ‘earth-shattering physical changes’ we can of course observe the fact that the true impact is still yet to come with how Brexit will eventually impact businesses and individuals.

Following this he goes on to examine the concept ‘taking back our laws’ and questions ‘how will Brexit change our legal system’. He argues “the short answer is that it will; the changes have started and will likely continue. The longer answer reveals areas of concern and reasons to preserve at least some of the EU status quo”.

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