Small Acts of Kindness

Tue 8th Sep 2015

After meeting Lynne Misner at a networking event a few weeks ago, SA Law’s Julie Gingell was struck at how Lynne has created a social enterprise that truly makes a difference to the community. We are pleased to support her and the work of Small Acts of Kindness and hope you too can spread the word.

There are 53,920 over 65s in Hertfordshire who live alone

Every day throughout the UK one in five over 65s spend their waking day alone.

Small Acts of Kindness is a small, high impact and rapidly growing local social enterprise based in Watford. We deliver gifts to older, often lonely and socially isolated people, in Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere. At the heart of this project is the incredibly simple belief that a small act of kindness can make a huge difference.

Our current projects include:

  1. Warm In Winter Gift bags

During the cold winter months many older people struggle to keep warm in their homes as they try and balance the costs of heating their homes and eating. This can lead to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Simple preventative measures can reduce this risk. Warm In Winter Gift bags contain a blanket, thermal socks, hat and gloves, a mug and hot drinks.

  1. Celebrate Christmas Gift bags

Christmas can be such a lonely time for older people and many just stop celebrating completely. Celebrate Christmas Gift bags containing an advent calendar and a selection of traditional small Christmas gifts will make a difference at this festive time.

This winter, we will deliver 200 Warm In Winter and Celebrate Christmas gift bags in partnership with local organisations and directly to individuals.

All our gifts are free to recipients and are funded by donations. We would love to talk to you about ways that you might be able to support our work, either by spreading the word, notifying us of people who should benefit from our services or by donating to make a big difference to our beneficiaries lives.

To find out more please contact:

Lynne Misner

01923 372717