Posts and tweets are the human face of the law

Publication: The Times

A successful legal brand is like a powerful artisan gin. It features the right blend of base spirit – the reputation of the firm as a whole – with stand-out botanicals – the distinctive flavour provided by individual lawyers. And increasingly the best way to deliver this liquid silver is through the medium of the internet and social media in particular…

According to Clare Rodway of Kysen PR, law firms should not see social media as being in another universe, but should integrate it as a normal part of their marketing panoply. “It’s a way of showing your human side – the equivalent of going to a cocktail party,” she says.

Training in the use of social media is absolutely vital, as Julie Gingell of SA Law says: “We’ve invested extensively in the training of our lawyers in how best to use social media. Age is not a bar; it’s purely a matter of state of mind and we’ve now got about 40 per cent of our lawyers active on social media.”

In short, social media enables many…

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