New proposal for the Immigration Bill: Landlords to evict illegal immigrants

As part of the on-going crackdown on tackling illegal immigration in private rented accommodation in the UK, landlords could face up to five years in prison if they fail to evict illegal migrants.

The new rules mean that asylum seekers whose claims have failed will be facing eviction as they cannot prove their legal right to reside in the UK. On the plus side it will stop rouge landlords from profiting from illegal immigration, however the government have not considered firstly the chaos this could cause to the housing sector with tenants that will undoubtedly refuse to leave properties, and secondly the impact this will have on a significant number of British citizens unable to provide the required documentation.

Not only will we expect discrimination to occur at an earlier stage, there are circumstances that the scheme has not covered that required further deliberation. For example there are no provisions in place for those applicants that may have made an invalid application to the Home Office but then resubmitted their application within the 28 days as permitted by the immigration rules and those overstayers who fit within the immigration rules concessions.

It is disappointing that the Home Office have not taken into account feedback to their consultations, given from practitioners like us resulting in flawed classification making migrant tenants much less attractive to landlords and perhaps causing a wider crisis.

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