The HRD's Christmas survival guide

Useful advice, guidance and lessons learned from Keely Rushmore and other HR experts.

SA Law Partner Keely Rushmore comments in HR Magazine regarding HR professional's Christmas survival guide.

Keely contributes to HR Magazine’s HR Directors Christmas Guide about key Christmas considerations from the party, annual leave requests, balancing cultural needs and diversity to gifts and bonuses.

Keely imparts useful advice from her own experience as an employment solicitor about avoiding pitfalls and managing your expectations of what fall-out can be associated with the festive period.

“We will always have one pretty serious enquiry from an HR manager after Christmas and that’ll usually be a fight or an incident at the Christmas party. There can be confusion as to where liability lies".

"Vouchers are a sure-fire way of not causing offence to any group. They are a nice idea because then you're not making assumptions about anybody in terms of religion or sexual stereotypes. They can make their own choice but it is still a token of appreciation  at a time of year when things like that are very welcome."

Key points of note from the HR Directors Christmas Survival Guide are cultural implications of the Christmas party, trends in presents & bonuses, taking steps to avoid sexual harassment and encouraging a collaborative approach to addressing staffing and shift issues during the peak Christmas dates. 

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