Government warns bad bosses will be slapped with jail time

In People Management, Keely Rushmore comments on Sir David Metcalf's announcement that he will work with government agencies to identify and punish serious offenders. 

Keely says “If Metcalf is true to his word, rogue employers that are repeat offenders when it comes to matters such as [the] national minimum wage should tread very carefully and it may simply be a matter of time until the law catches up with them,” Keely Rushmore, senior associate at SA Law, told People Management.

“Conversely, most law-abiding employers should have little to fear as a result of his comments. However, it’s a timely reminder for employers to check their compliance with legal requirements, particularly in relation to the national minimum wage, which is a complex area of law and many employers may unwittingly be in breach of its provisions.”

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