Without prejudice vs. protected conversations: Getting it right

A HR guide to the distinct differences between without prejudice and protected conversations, their advantages and limitations.

Partner Keely Rushmore's latest insightful commentary for specialist HR press HR Magazine focuses on helping HR professionals to identify the distinction between without prejudice and protected conversations.

SA Law's 2016 HR Forum programme identified without prejudice & protected conversations as a key topic and one that HR Teams should make sure they know to use properly and strategically to gain the best outcomes and to avoid potential pitfalls which could leave them at risk.

Many employers are familiar with the concepts of 'without prejudice' and 'protected conversations' as a means to facilitate exit negotiations with employees. However, both terms are frequently used incorrectly. Without a full appreciation of their advantages and their limitations employers can unwittingly use the wrong terms and leave themselves exposed.

Read the full article on the HR Magazine website to make sure you get the distinction right. Click here.

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