Corporate Corruption

Partner Keely Rushmore comments in HR Magazine on HR's role in preventing corruption.

In this article, Employment lawyer Keely Rushmore comments in HR Magazine's hot topic feature. This month focuses on Donald Trump's ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort who was indicted over allegations of money laundering.

"HR professionals can play a crucial role in preventing workplace corruption. They are best placed to ensure that rigorous policies and procedures are implemented that set out clear expectations and standards of conduct, but that also provide a channel for concerns to be raised and investigated fairly and safely.

"Just as important, however, is fostering a culture of openness and integrity. Securing buy-in from all levels, especially senior figures within the business, is key in this regard. Words on paper mean nothing if the actions of the board and other key individuals do not mirror them. Training is a key component of this, another area where HR has influence..."

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