Introducing two new specialists to assist you

Two new team members have greatly increased our expertise in the highly specialised areas of planning and property litigation.

Clare Saffer and Alex Wyatt are leading experts in their respective legal fields, and will prove invaluable if you have a project with a planning aspect, or need advice on how to resolve a property dispute.

Claire Saffer

Clare is a planning lawyer with many high-profile client success stories in her portfolio. Her expertise spans all planning aspects of the property development life cycle, and she is known for her contributions to existing developments, where she helps owners to unlock further value within their investments.

Clare is also an experienced adviser on planning disputes, and has helped to resolve them to her clients’ advantage on numerous occasions.

Alex Wyatt

Alex is a property litigator with an exceptional record for resolving disputes, particularly between the landlords and tenants of commercial and residential property.

Alex also works extensively in property development, where he helps owners, developers and investors to identify risks that could affect developments in the future, and acts swiftly to resolve disputes if they arise.

Please feel to contact Claire or Alex directly if you need advice or assistance in either of these two legal fields. You can contact them through the St Albans office on 01727 798064, or our London office on 020 7183 5683. 

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