How Brexit will affect cross-border divorce

Family Law expert Kiran Beeharry’s insight to how Brexit will affect couples considering divorce

The consequence of Brexit on relationship breakdown and how matrimonial assets are shared cannot be understated.

As we all know, divorces can be costly for a number of different reasons.

SA Law Family & Divorce Solicitor Kiran Beeharry walk you through some of the key parts of divorce that affect your personal finances and, more importantly, how these could change as a result of Brexit in award-winning website FT Advisor.

Read the full article that outlines key considerations such as:

  • Brussels II Regulation

The key piece of legislation in the area of cross-border divorce and children matters

  • Forum Shopping

The term used to describe the period of time where people consider the countries where they could commence legal proceedings and deciding which favours them.

  • The ‘weaponization’ of children in divorces

Sadly, when there is a civil partnership or marriage breakdown children can often be used as pawns by their parents who want to assume responsibility for their future costs in a bid to strengthen their negotiating hand when attempting to resolve financial arrangements.

With so much uncertainly in the current legal and political climate, there is potentially greater force in parties seeking to take out pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements.

Click here to read Kiran Beeharry’s article for FTAdvisor. 


If you would like more information or advice relating to this article or a Family law matter, please do not hesitate to contact Kiran Beeharry on 01727 798047. 

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