Evolve Housing + Support

Tue 10th Nov 2015

I recently had the pleasure of attending the brand launch celebration event for Evolve Housing + Support at the House of Commons. Evolve was previously known as South London YMCA, but has seen major growth and expansion over the last few years, working both north and south of the Thames with a rich diversity of customers of all ages, faiths and backgrounds. After consultation it was decided that it was time to move to an inclusive brand which better encapsulates all of the work that the organisation undertakes.

The brand launch was a wonderful occasion, and in particular I enjoyed hearing one of Evolve Housing + Support’s customers give a very moving and powerful testimonial, explaining how the organisation had changed (and probably saved) her life. She is now working with Evolve to help others in similar situations. Her words really underscored the importance of the work the organisation does, and what an impact it can have.

You can visit Evolve’s new website at evolvehousing.org.uk or click here to read “Our Story”, a publication celebrating Evolve Housing + Support’s heritage and evolution.