The impact upon separating couples and school admissions

Many of you will know that parents of children at secondary schools have until 4pm 29th March 2018 and 4pm May 18th for primary or infant schools to appeal the decision of the local authority when it comes to school admissions. The outcome of such applications can have a huge impact upon parents that are separated, especially where one parent is already living a big distance from the desired school. If the parents’ chosen school is not the school that the child receives a place of, then it may be difficult for both parents to get the children to and from school.

Parents already have a tough time when separated as they need to agree the time spent with each parent, and then ensure the children have a second set of items - for example, uniform, PE kits, sometimes even instruments to practice on. If there is an issue with the school, this adds more pressure on parents that may be working full time and caring for younger children.

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