Doing some homework could be good for business

Make sure you understand the pros and cons as well as legal issues before allowing employees to work from home.
Mon 30th Jan 2017

Chris Cook comments in City AM newspaper on the growing trend for UK businesses to offer employees greater working flexibility and in many cases, the ability to work from home instead of in the office. 

There are around 4m homeworkers in the UK, amounting to just over 13 per cent of our current workforce.

In the last decade we’ve seen a 2 per cent growth in homeworking which, although not too dramatic, is substantial when taking into account both the benefits and the burdens it can bring for employers. The New Year encourages many businesses to try a different approach and shake up work patterns – and homeworking could be on the menu.

Pros and cons

Homeworking can reduce overhead costs, increase productivity through cutting out travel time, increase flexibility of office hours (leading to client service being provided over longer working days), and increase staff retention.

Read the full article about the pros and cons, legal issues and practical steps of offering employees home working via the City AM website. Click here


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