A note from the Beaumont school rugby team

Thu 6th Jul 2017

We spent the first night exploring the area close to Toronto University where we staying. In the morning we checked out in preparation for our visit to Mississauga and Streetsville who would be our hosts for the following three days. On our way we stopped off at the breath-taking Niagara Falls. This offered great photo opportunities not that they did it justice and an opportunity to stretch our legs on nearby grass playing ‘Canadian Football’ with the refreshing mist of the falls protecting us from the heat.

Four months after playing Streetsville in St Albans, the Beaumont Touring team came to Mississauga for the reverse fixture. Playing a team consisting of both Streetsville students as well as a combination of other local rugby enthusiasts, the boys put in a good performance to claim a comprehensive 38-0 win. After a good weekend spent with our host families, the boys were all really excited for our first game of the tour.

The first half was a much more contested affair than we expected with a combination of strong defence from the Blues and lack of composure on our part. Still, we went in at half time with a 12-0 lead having dominated possession and territory but leaving a few tries on the pitch. The second half was a very different story, the team started to play with more width and more confidence and this lead to a few successive tries out wide after some good line-breaks from Pete Wampamba, some good work under the high ball from Magnus Morgan and slick hands from Man of the Match Max Westcombe-Evans. The win was the perfect ending to a great three days spent with a great group of hosts who provided some great hospitality for the whole team.

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